8-week HIIT training for effective fat burning

What if we tell you that you can get even better results in less time? The key is HIIT training! Is there a reason why you wouldn’t love HIIT training ? Dissolve fats at insane speed with this scientifically proven program.

When it comes to cardio training, high-intensity HIIT interval training has become a huge hit among serious fitness enthusiasts. While HIIT has nothing to do with a sniper, your body fat can feel like someone is aiming at it.

This form of cardio spreads out high-intensity exercise intervals (e.g. sprints) with training intervals with low intensity (e.g. walking slowly) or complete rest breaks. This style of training is a digression from continuous permanent cardio, that many people do at moderate intensity for 30-60 minutes . With HIIT you run (or cycle or anything else) like crazy over short distances, but with a clean effect, so that you get better results in less time.


HIIT was developed decades ago by trainers to better prepare runners. At the time it was known by the catchy name “Fartlek” Training , which was the combination of the Swedish words “speed” (Fart) and “game” (Lek). So it means “fast game”, which perfectly describes the HIIT training.

More and more evidence

HIIT has gained a place in the fitness industry thanks to favorable results in unofficial reports as well as published research studies. In fact, studies comparing HIIT and continuous exercise have shown that HIIT is much better for burning fat , although it takes less time.

One of the first studies to find it found that HIIT is more effective at burning fat was conducted in 1994 by researchers at Laval University (Ste-Foy, Quebec, Canada). Researchers said that young men and women who followed the 15-week HIIT program lost significantly more body fat than those who followed the 20-week continuous steady-state endurance program despite the steady -State program as a HIIT program 15,000 more calories burned . Research continues in the same vein.

Get rid of 2% body fat in 8 weeks

An East Tennessee State study University in 2001 showed similar discoveries in obese subjects following an 8-week HIIT program (subjects lost 2% body fat) compared to those who followed a continuous stable program (subjects lost none Fat percentage) on the treadmill.

You lose 6 times more body fat

A study from Australia showed that women who were 20 Minute HIIT program , consisting of an 8 second sprint followed by a 12 second break, lost six times more body fat than the group that completed a 40-minute constant-intensity cardio program of 60 percent of their maximum Heart rate.

Sie verlieren 6 mal mehr Körperfett

The main reason for getting HIIT when you lose body fat works more than classic cardio, appears in the increased breathing of the metabolism to lie down after HIIT training.

No rest for your metabolism

HIIT bicycle training during 24-hour training than subjects with moderately constant intensity.

You Will Burn 100 More Calories

In a 2007 study at the 2007 annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine at Florida State University (Tallahassee), researchers said that HIIT practitioners burned nearly 10% more calories in the 24 hours after exercising than those who exercised continuously. despite the fact that the total number of calories burned during exercise was the same.

Additionally to increase the metabolic rate at rest the researchers confirm that HIIT The metabolic machinery in muscle cells increases, which promote fat burning and dampen fat production.

Sie werden 100 Kalorien mehr verbrennen

Fast-burning muscles

A Laval University study that found a reduction in body fat with HIIT also found that the muscle fibers of HIIT subjects had significantly higher markers of fat oxidation (fat burning) than they did Group with continuous steady stress.

Reduce the level of fatty enzymes

A study by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Trondheim) found that patients with metabolic syndrome after the 16-week HIIT program had a 1 00 % better reduction in the enzyme volume of the fat-producing fatty acid synthase than patients who train continuously with moderate intensity.

Use fat for exercise fuel

A new study published in the American Journal of Physiology sheds light on how HIIT burns more body fat in a different way. The researchers said that 6 weeks of HIIT training increased the amount of special muscle proteins necessary for the transfer of fat into mitochondria (where fat is used for fuel will) are responsible to up to 50% increased. The presence of more of these proteins in the muscle means that more fat is burned and can be used as fuel during both exercise and relaxation.

Is HIIT too a hit with bodybuilders?

In a word – yes. While many bodybuilders and coaches argue that slower and longer cardio is best for burning fat and protecting muscles , the opposite is true.

Cardio training that comes with Performing a higher intensity for a shorter time not only helps maintain your muscles , but can actually help build muscle. If you train more slowly and steadily over a longer period of time, you train the muscle fibers to be more aerobic and have more endurance.

Ist HIIT auch ein Hit für Bodybuilder?

You know How do muscle fibers adapt, to become more aerobic and gain more endurance? So that they become smaller and weaker. The smaller the muscle fiber, the less time it takes nutrients to move within the muscle fiber. This will shorten the time that nutrients can be used for fuel.

Just think about it. It makes sense. Saying that slow and steady cardio done over a long period of time is best for maintaining muscle mass is like lifting 2kg dumbbells for 30 minutes after 10 repetitions of two repetitions builds more muscle than lifting 18kg dumbbells in series minutes Pause between sentences. High-intensity training builds up the muscles significantly better . If you think about it, strengthening is also a form of HIIT. Research supports this.

HIIT and beta-alanine for massive muscle growth

A study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition reported that male subjects after a 6-week HIIT program (15 minutes per day in a ratio of 2: 1 – Exercise to relax, three days a week) gained more than 1 kg when adding beta-alanine after three weeks, even though you did not exercise during the program.

HIIT und Beta-Alanin für massives Muskelwachstum

Increasing testosterone levels by 100% through HIIT training

In another study, New Zealand researchers examined cyclists who did a 4-week HIIT training session with 30 seconds of stationary bike sprints and a 30-second break. One group sprinted with high resistance on the pedals , which was more difficult, and the other group used lighter resistance. Both groups pedaled as fast as they could in 30 seconds.

The researchers found that testosterone levels increased by almost 100% in men with the highest resistance during the testosteron online kaufen level in the pedal group with lower resistance increased by about 60% . Because testosterone is critical to increasing muscle size and strength, HIIT training with greater resistance can promote muscle growth and strength.

Erhöhung des Testosteronspiegels um 100% durch HIIT-Training

HIIT also helps mental health by going faster. Many people think 30 minutes on a treadmill , a stationary bike or an elliptical trainer is monotonous. With HIIT, the intensity boost can be more challenging, but it’s short and stimulating. This makes the workout more enjoyable and you have it behind you.

Another benefit of HIIT training is, that you can do it almost anywhere with any tool – or even without it! You can work out HIIT on a cardio machine in a gym. The possibilities are practically unlimited. You can use a skipping rope, weights, fitness belts or your own body weight.

So consider long cardio workouts and give HIIT workouts a chance. The advantage is the fat loss thanks to an improved metabolism at rest and fat-burning enzymes when building muscle mass . All in the shortest possible time.

8-week HIIT training program: from beginners to advanced

The following program will help you get off the ground within just eight weeks HIIT beginners to get advanced.

• The first phase 1 begins with a ratio of 1: 4 for activity and relaxation. The total training time is less than 15 minutes.

• Phase 2 extends the operating time and provides a ratio of 1: 2. The total training time is up to 17 minutes.

• In phase 3 the rest ratio is reduced by half, which results in a ratio of 1: 1 . The total training time increases to 18.5 minutes.

• Finally, in phase 4, the timeout is again reduced by half, which makes the ratio 2: 1 and the total time is increased to 20 minutes. This will take you to the advanced HIIT level.

8-wöchiges HIIT-Trainingsprogramm: vom Anfänger bis zum Fortgeschrittenen

All of these times are only suggestions. At any given stage, if you need more than two weeks before you proceed , stay there. Same thing, if you find the stage too easy and want to jump straight to the next stage, go ahead.

You can do these exercises with a tool like a jump rope or simply just doing jumping jacks or sprinting or exercising on a stationary bike. Use imagination. Just follow the activity interval and rest as indicated.

Phase 1 (1: 4) = weeks 1-2

• 15 seconds: high intensity exercise
• 60 seconds: relaxation or low intensity exercise

Repeat this another 10 times and leave one for the last 15 seconds Be an explosion with high intensity.

Total time: 14 minutes

Phase 2 (1: 2) = Weeks 2-4

• 30 seconds: high-intensity exercise
• 60 seconds: relaxation or low-intensity exercise

Repeat another 10 times and let the last 30 seconds be a high-intensity explosion.

Total time: 17 minutes

Phase 3 (1st : 1) = weeks 5-6

• 30 seconds: high-intensity exercise
• 30 seconds: relaxation or low-intensity exercise

Repeat another 11 times and let the last 30 seconds be a high intensity explosion.

Total time: 18.5 minutes

Phase 4 (2: 1) = weeks 7-8

• 30 seconds: high-intensity exercise
• 15 seconds: relaxation or low-intensity exercise

Repeat this another 25 times and let the last 30 seconds be a high-intensity explosion.

Total time: 20 minutes

So? Are you going to try this 8 Week Challenge ? It will surely be worth it. If you want to learn more about HIIT workouts read article: 5 Secrets Of HIIT Workouts You Must Know or 6 reasons why you should try HIIT . Let us know in the comments whether you have already tried HIIT and what experience you have with it. If you like If you liked the article, please let us know.


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