List of Exercises: Delta Muscles and Trapezoids

In the third part of our article series with the title “list of the exercises ” let’s focus on the muscle part – deltoid muscles and trapezius muscles . As in the previous articles, we have added a illustration video to each exercise to free you from tedious Googling.

Delta muscles

The deltoid muscles can be broken down into four smaller muscles depending on the exercise, but each of them is equally important. The front of the deltoid forms part of the total volume of the arms. This part is involved in exercises such as sitting, standing or forearm pressure.

Delta Muskeln

Its middle part shapes the shoulders in width. These muscles are involved in exercises such as stretching or pulling the chin. The back of the deltoid is often neglected during exercise, especially when exercising the shoulders. It is involved in stretching the forward bend and in part also in training the back.

  • Machine Press Behind Neck : Pressure while sitting from behind on the head
  • Standing / Sitting Dumbell Press : Pressure with one-armed dumbbells in a vertical plane while standing or sitting
  • Standing Lateral Raises, Dumbbell Side Lateral : stretch arms sideways with one-armed dumbbells while standing
  • Front Dumbbell Raises : extend arms forward high while standing
  • Barbell Front Raise : extend arms forward with a two-armed barbell standing
  • Sitting Rear Laterals : Extend arms sideways with one-armed dumbbells that are underneath Sit on your thighs and lean forward
  • Lateral Raise with Cable / Cable Lateral : Stretch your arms sideways, standing with a pulley
  • Rear Cable Lateral , Bent- Over Cable Lateral : Extend the arms sideways in a forward bend with a pulley
  • Kneeling One-Arm Cable Laterals : stretch arms sideways with one hand while kneeling and bend forward over the lower pulley
  • Cable Laterals Raises : Raising the one-armed barbell counterclockwise
  • Upright Barbell Rowing : pull two-armed dumbbells up to the chin while standing – upright rowing
  • One-Arm Lying Dumbbell Lateral Raise : Extend arms sideways with one hand with a barbell, on one side Bank lie
  • Bent-Over Lateral Raise / Dumbell Bent Laterals : Stretch your arms sideways with a two-armed barbell in the forward bend
  • Single Arm Linear Jammer : lifting of a straight bar with one hand
  • Side Laterals to Front Raise: One-armed dumbbells lifting to the side and front
  • Kettlebel Pirate Ships : Lift to the side with a kettlebell
  • Barbell Front Raise : extend arms forward with a two-armed barbell standing


As a well-designed powerlifter says, “If you want to lift something, it wouldn’t be that easy without this muscle.” This part is as important as any other if you want to have proper muscles. Massive trapezius muscle , protruding from the back, is the basis, especially for bodybuilders.

  • Dumbbell Shrugs : shrug your shoulders, lift your shoulders upwards with small one-armed dumbbells
  • Barbell Shrugs : Shrug your shoulders, lift your shoulders upwards with held a large barbell in front of the body
  • Clean & Jerk : Push (move with expression)
  • Power Snatch : strong tearing (Movement without a deep crouch, focus on the part of the train)
  • Smith Machine Shrug – lifting a two-armed long dumbbell with one shoulder pull
  • Barbell Shrug Behind : Pulling a large Barbell behind the back


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